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Just so it’s all in one place, this is a post about my car software, “DriveIT!”.

DriveIT! is written in C# for the .NET Compact Framework V2 and .NET Framework V2 – that means it runs on Windows Mobile and Windows XP/2003/Vista/7.  I have started porting it to iPhone too.

DriveIT! started off as a project when I was bored on holiday once as a way of displaying an accurate speedometer from GPS. It has since evolved into more than that.

It now does:
– GPS data (position, speed, height, time)
– OBD data (fault codes, battery voltage and any PIDs that the car supports (see
– Calculated data (trip distance, trip time, acceleration rates, 0-60 test)

It also provides warnings and alerts for efficient/inefficient driving, speed limits, coolant temperature, RPM (efficient speed, power band, change up/change down).

It can be configured to show data in an analogue or digital format, several at a time. It can also log this data for graphing in Excel on the computer.

It supports standard ELM327 OBD hardware and any NMEA GPS. I use for the OBD and use the built in GPS on my HTC TyTN-II.

Any questions, just comment and I’ll answer them.